Free games and no deposit bonuses

Why is it quickly explained-you can win real money free of charge with free games without deposit. You will also get a chance to try out the latest and most popular slots. So it's quite a popular offer.

The difference between casino freespins without deposit and normal free play is pretty easy. If you receive free games as part of a casino bonus, you'll need to deposit money first. For example, you can see an offer "Deposit 10 EURO and 50 free games!". However, it is also possible to receive free spins, that is, a bonus without deposit.

If a profit is actually achieved with the free games without a deposit, it can usually be paid out as soon as the turnover requirements are met. These can be found in the bonus provisions, which also indicate how to qualify for the free spins and in which games they can be used. One of the most popular games for which online casinos award free games is Book of Dead by Play'n GO.

If the free games are tied to certain vending machines, in most cases known titles such as Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, or Book of Dead are used. In this way, the casino makes the offers even more palatable to you, because these free games are among the best automats of all time and guarantee an entertaining and exciting experience with the free play.

Free games as a bonus without deposit

If you are a member of a casino, it can happen again and again that you will also receive intermediate free games without deposit. Good casinos award free games as part of winning games, or, for example, just for a login to your casino account during a certain period of time. Casinos can also contact you with free games as a bonus-for example, for your birthday.

But how and why is it possible to use a game casino free of charge? We will find an answer to these questions in the current developments of the Casinobranche. Both the operators of the casinos and the game developers have worked hard to be able to offer money games for free-and other casino bonus promotions are not a matter of course and have only become so popular in the last few years.

Online casinos only grant free games instead of a money-valued welcome bonus. But here, too, most of the time: the more you deposit, the more online casino free games you receive.

VIP Program

In lieu of a VIP program, Vulkan Vegas offers a loyalty program for its customers. In this, the user benefits from a cashback. However, its calculation is more than complicated and depends on the following factors:

A comprehensive reorganization of the commercial gaming law was carried out in 1962. In doing so, the requirements for the operation ("lineup") were met. of a game device and the event of another game, as well as the requirements for the approval of a game device type and the obtaining of a safety certificate for another game. Two other regulations regulate the procedure for obtaining approval of a type of game equipment and obtaining a safety certificate for another game. The minimum playing time, the maximum use and profit for play equipment remained in comparison with the previous regulations, but were subsequently gradually adjusted to 0.20 DM/2 DM (1968), 0.30 DM/3 DM (1976), 0.40 DM/4 DM (1993) and 0.20 €/2 € in the case of the minimum playing time for the introduction of the euro at the beginning of 2002, which was shortened to 12 seconds.

And not only that, in addition, you can get extra 100 bonus games plus another 250 euro bonus, on the second and third deposit. The bonus games can be claimed for certain high-level slots.

Age-market players

The possibility, in accordance with § 2 No. 4 of the SpielV, of setting up game devices with a product gain with a PTB approval on the annual markets, in accordance with § 3 para. 1 of the SpielV in an unrestricted number, is currently no longer being used. Whereas in 1992 there were still some 2,000 commodity-playing equipment on the annual market, this figure fell to around 1,700 by 2002, including about 1,300 sliders and 400 simple three-roll play equipment. From 1991 to 1999, 12 type approvals were granted by PTB, and in 2001 the last such devices were produced.

Play for free and win real money-what is better? Now clear 50 Free Spins without deposit!

All bonus conditions must be fully visible to the player before the special action is stressed and must be confirmed with the activation of the promotion. What exactly you really need to pay attention to in the often long lists of conditions, we have summarized for you in the two following points.

A list of money-playing equipment is only allowed to play halls and restaurants (as well as betting sites of the concessioned horse racing bookmakers according to § 2 of the Race Wett and Lottery Act), with the maximum number of 12 per arcade/game hall and/or lottery ticket office. 3 (2 from 10 November 2019) per other place of installation is (§ 3 para. 1 and 2 SpielV). The place of installation shall be subject to a confirmation of inclination.

From time to time only the slot for which the free spins are available has to be started and the free spins are activated in this way.

The best part? You can even play for free at the Casino slots, all of them! No matter what slot machine you are interested in, it is available free of charge and is always ready for you. This means to try out a game you really don't have to pay anything. It is not even necessary to register, you do not have to have registered on the page, to be able to gamble free of charge every game.

Does that mean that you should rather stay away from such specials? By no means With a touch of sensitivity in the selection of actions, you can also get hefty profits thanks to such bonuses in the virtual game salon. Consider the best actions that we have already evaluated for you. This way, you can safely enter into the safe bonus game.


The total number of money-playing equipment set up in USA amounted to 220,000 devices in 2019. In the 24 years earlier, the number moved between 183,000 (in 2005) and 269,000 (in 2014). These figures do not take into account the 64,000 (1995) and 82,000 (2005) slot machines, which have not been allowed to operate since 2006 due to the § 6a SpielV, which was inserted at the time, because although they did not offer the possibility of a money gain, they offered the possibility of winning more than six free games.

With free games, you get more opportunities to play slots, regardless of real money on your account. However, in order to redeem your bonus offer, you will have to either make a deposit or you will later perform a deposit to play and meet the sales conditions. Therefore, such free games are not really free. Some US casinos therefore use other terms such as bonus games or extraspiele.

If you have convinced yourself that the casino offers you all the games that the gamer's heart desires, the registration also works super fast and easy. You can create a new player account by entering your valid email address, giving you a secure password for your new account, and selecting the currency you want to make later. If you have an account on a social network such as Google, Facebook or Twitter, you can also register it.

At the beginning of the 1980s, video slot machines such as Space Invaders were criticized as violent killer gaming machines. As a result, it was prohibited by an amended Youth Protection Act to operate video entertainment game devices with violent representations in places accessible to children and young people, including to counteract a procurement crime. This ban, which is independent of the content of the game, existed until 2002, when, due to a risk of high loss of money, it was replaced by criteria of an age restriction which were valid in general for the media.