Common Draw Blackjack from NetEnt Live

One of the most popular casino games has been blackjack and that is why you find it at every online casino. The arrival of live casino gaming saw all top casino software providers establishing their live dealer game portfolio. One of the providers that offers high quality live casino games is NetEnt. NetEnt develops its live casino games on the NetEnt Live platform and one of its popular games is Live Common Draw Blackjack.

NetEnt was founded in 1996 and continues to be one of the leading casino software providers in the industry. It has more than 100 clients using its software today, with products including:

  • Online casino games
  • Mobile games on the NetEnt TouchTM platform
  • Live casino games on the NetEnt Live platform

It launched its live casino offering in 2013 and offers its games to some of the biggest operators in the industry today. Live Common Draw Blackjack is one of its live blackjack games and it is popular because it takes away the limitation of having only a certain number of players per table.

All about Live Common Draw Blackjack

An innovative approach makes Live Common Draw Blackjack a unique game: it allows unlimited number of players to play the game simultaneously. The game was created in 2013 and continues to be streamed live from NetEnt’s live gaming studios in Malta. You can play the game from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Live Common Draw Blackjack is played using 6 decks of cards. The cards are shuffled automatically with a machine and the game has an RTP of 99.5%. While Live Common Draw Blackjack accommodates an unlimited number of players at a table, the player himself will be able to see only his hand, as the game is played directly between the player and the dealer.

This game has a number of other interesting features. These include:

This game has a number of other interesting features. These include:
  • HD quality video that is streamed live at high speeds over the Internet.
  • Random shuffles by the machine at the end of each round/game.
  • Ability to view game history for the last 10 hands.
  • Low betting limits that allow you to play it as you wait for a seat at a regular live blackjack table.
  • Multiple camera angles for improved game view.
  • Live chat with the dealer and also with customer support.
  • The ability to pay in multiple currencies supported by NetEnt.
  • Ability to place side bets.
  • Excellent and feature-laden user interface.

The low betting limit option makes this a great game for players who are new to blackjack or like playing safe with low bets. That is just an option, however; the game also comes with high bet limits that work perfectly for the high rollers and big spenders.

Playing Live Common Draw Blackjack

Live Common Draw Blackjack is easy to play. The standard blackjack rules apply to this game.

  • Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Insurance pays 2:1.

You hit the Live Casino or Live Dealer button on the casino’s website and select Live Common Draw Blackjack as the game to play. The next step is to place your bets once the Bets are Active sign goes on. Bets are not accepted once the No More Bets sign flashes. The dealer then deals the cards.

The dealer deals 2 cards for the player and 2 for herself, one of which is face down. The 2 cards are what all the players have to play with; there are no separate card deals for individual players. Once the cards are dealt the player makes his move based on his hand and also the dealer’s face up card. If the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace the insurance bet is offered. The hand with the higher value or a value of 21 wins.

In Conclusion

Live Common Draw is a fantastic live blackjack offering from NetEnt that once again showcases its pre-eminence in the casino software industry. The low house edge and seat availability anytime, together with the reputation that NetEnt has garnered over the years, makes this one game worth playing.