History of the Zoo

The St. Maarten Zoo was started with the dreams and hard work of the late Dr. Doug Thye, and Mr. Max Phelipa.

Max Phelipa, a local policeman, had a mini zoo in his back yard in Philipsburg. The schools used to visit all the time and the local school children loved it.

He and Dr. Thye, the local veterinarian, thought a zoo for the public would be a good idea.

With generous donations from funding agencies, as well as the St. Maarten community, Dr. Thye and Mr. Phelipa were able to  eventually build their zoo.

On December 14,1991, the St. Maarten Zoo opened its doors for the first time.

For almost 20 years, the Zoo has been a top attraction on St. Maarten, offering visitors the opportunity to see a wide variety of Caribbean and South American animals.